Al Fajer Decoration LLC follows ISO 9001:2008 standard and fulfills its requirements. The Quality Management System covers engineering, procurement and construction activities of the company and comprises of the following documents:

  • Quality Manual

  • Quality System Processes/ Procedures

  • Quality Plans

Quality Manual

The quality manual includes:

  • Quality Policy, objectives and the scope of the QMS

  • Documented procedures and processes for managing our operations and activities are established in the QMS.

  • Brief description of the interaction between the processes / procedures of the QMS

Quality System Processes/ Procedures

The Quality System processes/procedures are a compilation of interrelated and interacting processes/procedures flowcharts/text written to reflect the management system that we currently use. The corporate quality manual is applicable to all business units. From these processes/procedures the project specific processes/procedures are drawn out for use in developing the business unit/department/project quality plan

Special Processes

Procedures for special processes shall meet the requirements of applicable industrial standards. Qualification of welding procedures and welders are carried out by Independent Testing Agency. Non-destructive examinations are carried out by approved Independent Testing Agency and in accordance with applicable industry standard.


Al Fajer Decoration LLC shall determine the level of experience and training necessary to ensure the capability of personnel to identify quality factors affecting the project or processes on a planned and timely basis. Special training are given to construction personnel in all matters related to Project Quality Plans.